Aladdin offers deep integration with Integral to provide straight through processing (STP) for FX products. Integral’s InvestorFX™ is a next-generation execution platform, focused on delivering best execution for multi-tenor, multi-currency pair trade lists in a way that is operationally efficient and scalable.

The integration between Aladdin and Integral’s InvestorFX™ provides the standard Aladdin e-trading workflows, including automatic fills and trade generations, via one-click order routings from the Aladdin Dashboard.

  • Overview
  • Traders send orders from the Aladdin Dashboard into InvestorFX™
  • The Aladdin community benefits from Integral’s advanced netting capability, depth-of-book liquidity aggregation and fair allocation of netting benefits across funds
  • Integral provides pre-trade cost savings analysis using real-time market rates to help traders choose the optimal netting plan
  • Aladdin populates all of the execution level details from Integral as fill details are received for traders to review prior to posting the trade