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INTL FCStone CASE STUDY: Outperform your competition


Most importantly we wanted a solution that would give us access to the best liquidity from a vendor we could trust. We found that with Integral.”
Barry Canham, Global Head of Precious Metals, INTL FCStone Ltd.


The Challenge

INTL FCStone, Inc. is a Fortune 500 company employing a team of 1,600 people, serving more than 20,000 customers in 130 countries. The company provides customers with a full-service trading capability, and they are a major player in the global physical precious metals markets.

As the industry moved away from using voice trading to hedge risk, INTL FCStone Ltd., Precious Metals needed to find a solution suitable for their precious metal client base, predominately physical gold traders, which would allow them to grow and develop the business. Their past solution offered a single price feed into their trading platform resulting in limited liquidity and lack of flexibility to respond to client pricing needs.

Requirements of new solution:
  • Robust platform, able to handle the high volumes while pricing competitively and managing risk
  • A scalable solution with the flexibility to support their growing business and still deliver the highest level of customer satisfaction
  • Greater access to liquidity for optimal client service
  • Managed costs and development
  • Rapid implementation

The Solution

Integral set up INTL FCStone Ltd., Precious Metals with BankFX, a world class integrated eFX solution that offers the most complete set of functionality on the market. As a cloud-based platform, BankFX enabled INTL FCStone Ltd, Precious Metals to design and deliver a bespoke solution that supported their demands to serve their existing customers and add new business.

The solution includes:
  • Optimal Price Distribution — BankFX provided INTL FCStone Ltd., Precious Metals with a richly featured price engine, giving them the capability to distribute prices both internally and externally
  • Industry Leading Pricing — Direct bank liquidity and unique sources
  • Risk Management — Implementation of Yield Manager, Integral’s complete risk management system which automates, manages and monitors the risk and yield of the most complex FX businesses
  • Cloud Hosted Solution — Zero data and hardware costs and ultra-low latency connection to a variety of providers and services
  • Post Trade STP
  • Rapid Deployment

“Using BankFX our trading teams are able to handle a very large trading volume with minimal headcount and virtually no risk of human error.”
Edward Barron, Head of Precious Metals Sales Europe, INTL FCStone Ltd.

USD Billions

BankFX Supports 100% Growth of INTL FCStone Ltd., Precious Metals Business

The Results

INTL FCStone Ltd., Precious Metals has used BankFX for over a year. Integral has worked in close collaboration with them to provide the best solution as their business evolves and grows.

The results have been positive:
  • Over the last 18 months INTL FCStone Ltd., Precious Metals have doubled their business. The implementation of BankFX has aided that growth
  • Increased access to multiple source liquidity has enabled INTL FCStone Ltd., Precious Metals to manage customer hedging needs even in subdued physical markets
  • Provided a full-service solution for all trading needs in addition to precious metals
  • Managed very large trading volumes with minimal overheads and best execution
  • Enabled Yield Manager allowing INTL FCStone Ltd., Precious Metals to manage smaller trades that otherwise would not be viable for even greater return and operational efficiency

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