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ODDO BHF CASE STUDY: Outperform your competition


In order to stay a step ahead of our competitors, we needed a faster, more reliable solution for pricing”
Norbert Kaiser, Head of FX at ODDO BHF


The Challenge

eFX professionals today face a significant challenge: delivering market-leading solutions to their clients faster, better, with fewer resources and no room for error. Banks can find it a challenge to deliver state-of-the-art pricing, distribution, risk management, and execution.

ODDO BHF is an independent Franco-German financial services group boasting a history stretching over 150 years. With 2,300 employees and more than 100 billion euros in assets under management, ODDO BHF faces increasingly relentless competition. In response to this challenge, ODDO BHF strives to gain every advantage possible.

They initially contacted Integral to develop a more sophisticated solution to provide pricing to clients. Prior to working with Integral, ODDO BHF struggled to find technology that did not have latency issues, stale or inaccurate quotes, or inverted prices.

ODDO BHF’s new FX technology partner would have to help them:
  • Increase revenue
  • Implement a stable platform to manage high demand and increasing new business
  • Operate a fully serviced platform in order to maintain customer satisfaction
  • Develop and implement the platform rapidly given ODDO BHF’s limited IT resources
  • Manage costs of development and maintenance

“We can always trust the Integral BankFX system, especially in periods of extreme market stress. We don’t have to worry about latency issues, inverted prices, or our platform crashing.”
Norbert Kaiser, Head of FX at ODDO BHF

The Solution

Integral provided ODDO BHF with a world class white label eFX integrated system based on BankFX and OCX (Open Currency Exchange) that supported their demands to serve their existing customers and grow new business with the industry’s most flexible and reliable trading platform.

The solution includes:
  • Optimal Price Distribution — Integral provided ODDO BFH with their own branded and customized GUI solution providing the capability to distribute prices both internally and externally
  • Best Pricing — Using relationship bank liquidity and unique sources
  • Network Growth — Ability to connect to over 200 liquidity providers and potential customers on the OCX network
  • Cloud Hosted Solution — Zero hardware and datacenter costs, with high reliability and ultralow latency access to market counterparties
  • Post Trade STP

“Integral works with us to develop features we need to deliver the best solution possible to our customers and responds quickly and effectively if issues arise. Our partnership with Integral has been critical to our growth.”
Norbert Kaiser, Head of FX at ODDO BHF


The Results

Integral has continually worked with ODDO BHF to provide the best solutions as their business evolves and grows.

The results have been positive:
  • Increased access to multiple sources of liquidity has enabled ODDO BHF to provide their clients with competitive pricing in an increasingly crowded market
  • 40% growth of electronic trading volumes in 3 years
  • Increased revenue in FX trading with both established customers and new markets
  • Substantial cost reduction

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